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In our company, we take great pride in our references as they represent the cornerstone of our reputation and trust in the business world. They reflect our commitment to quality, reliability, and expertise in every aspect of our operations. We are proud of our past achievements and successful projects, which validate our capabilities and dedication to our clients. We strive to maintain high standards and build our future upon the foundations of past successes, as we believe that our references are crucial in shaping sustainable business relationships and creating new opportunities in the future.

Tomaž Božič
CEO, Frambo d.o.o.

Being a holder of the Certificate of Financial Reliability is of great importance to us. It is recognition that confirms that we operate successfully and reliably, while striving for constant development and growth of the company. It is essential to realize that the business environment is fraught with risks, and being able to ensure our financial reliability in relation to our own partners, as confirmed by the receipt of the aforementioned certificate, is extremely important to us. Since its establishment, we have been striving to be an honest and credible business partner, which we also expect from our own customers. We have been building the foundations of quality since our establishment, and receiving the Certificate of Financial Reliability is an additional motivation for us to achieve even higher goals of excellence, quality, and reliability. We are pleased to be among the elite group with the receipt of the Financial Reliability Certificate, representing only 8.75% of the total population of economic entities in Slovenia.

mag. Alen Hodnik
CEO, Javne službe Ptuj

Javne službe Ptuj received the Certificate of Financial Reliability from Prva bonitetna agencija as an economic entity for the first time in 2019. The Certificate of Financial Reliability is awarded to an economic entity whose business operations and financial status, according to the professional criteria for certificate allocation, demonstrate above-average performance and financial reliability. In the received certificate, I see another equally important aspect. It is about strengthening trust with all those who enter into any kind of relationship with us. I believe that trust is one of the most important elements for sustainable development in today’s times, both for economic companies and the environments in which they operate.

Janez Rihter
CEO, Rihter d.o.o.

With strong and reliable leadership, innovative solutions, and a sustainable approach, Rihter montažne gradnje has become synonymous with successful wooden prefabricated construction. At the same time, we maintain a high level of financial stability, which is crucial for the long-term success of the company. The Certificate of Financial Reliability we received from the Prva bonitetna agencija represents a key recognition and confirmation of this stability and responsible business conduct. The certificate demonstrates our ability to manage financial risks and maintain stability in a dynamic business environment, enhancing the reputation of our company in the business world. This increases the trust of both existing and potential customers, placing us in a better position to acquire business opportunities and projects.

Igor Jakovljević
CEO of DPD Slovenia

It is of paramount importance to us that our users, customers, and suppliers recognize us as a reliable partner who settles obligations within the currency deadline, has no blockages on transaction accounts, is not a tax obligor, and regularly and promptly settles obligations to its employees.
We are happy and proud that this has also been noticed by Prva bonitetna agencija, which has awarded us the Certificate of Financial Reliability. Obtaining the certificate means that our efforts and work are also recognized externally, that we possess certain skills and knowledge. We are confident that this certificate also gives us a significant competitive advantage. Moreover, the certificate undoubtedly contributes to maintaining a good reputation in the market.

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Why choose EBONITETE.SI 

Advantages of the application

Business partner risk assesment

Quick and easy check of business and other information in the advanced credit rating application EBONITETE.SI, which will provide answers to many questions related to the success, indebtedness, and creditworthiness of your business partners.

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Aplikacija EBONITETE.SI omogoča vpogled v:

  • Credit ratings of business entities,
  • Financial data of business entities,
  • Bank account blockades, lawsuits, and tax debtors,
  • Payment habits of business entities.

Daily informant for monitoring entities

The functionality of the daily informer enables automatic and daily notifications about all changes in the operations of selected business entities. It works in such a way that the user of the EBONITETE.SI application receives an email whenever a change in the operations and activities of the selected entity is detected.

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The daily informer is part of a larger concept known in the economy as company monitoring. This allows the user to continually assess whether the selected business partner is recognized as a financially reliable economic entity.

Tool for improving liquidity

The liquidity of a company represents its short-term solvency. This so-called liquidity or short-term solvency means the ability to settle all obligations within a specific time period.

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The EBONITETE.SI application provides insight into the liquidity status of business entities, which is one of the key factors for calculating the credit rating.

Easy Application Usage

The user interface of the EBONITETE.SI application is designed by our experts with the intention of providing a credit rating tool that can be used even by those users who do not have prior accounting knowledge.

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The advanced graphical interface is the foundation for a good user experience, which the EBONITETE.SI application reflects in providing insights into the operations of over 240,000 business entities in Slovenia.

Payment index

In the EBONITETE.SI application, we monitor the payment habits of business entities in Slovenia based on a reporting system from their business partners. The received data is used for a unique calculation of the payment index.

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The payment index reveals the payment habits of business entities in Slovenia. A quick check of the payment index allows an assessment of how soon payment can be expected from the selected business partner.

Find new Business Partners

The EBONITETE.SI application features an advanced search engine through which users can access new potential customers and expand their network of business partners.

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By using the simple and advanced search functions within the EBONITETE.SI application, it is possible to obtain a precise list of business entities. Users can filter this list according to criteria such as industry, (cohesion) region, business entity status, and others as desired.