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General FAQs

In our application EBONITETE.SI, credit ratings range from 1 to 10, where the number 1 indicates an entity with an extremely high risk of default, and the number 10 indicates an excellent economic entity with minimal or practically zero default risk. The overall credit rating is a synthesis of a “static rating,” a “dynamic rating,” and appropriately evaluated potential occurrences of certain facts that indirectly or directly affect or indicate the financial position of the entity.

We divide packages that grant you access to the EBONITETE.SI application into BASIC, BASIC PLUS, BUSINESS, ADVANCED, and ADVANCED PLUS. Additionally, we offer an INDIVIDUAL package where we provide functionalities specific to your needs. Learn more about the packages here or contact us at podpora@ebonitete.si or call us at 08 200 38 80.

Certainly. You have access to a free trial to discover all the dimensions of the functionality of the credit application EBONITETE.SI. You can test these functionalities on three companies that we believe excellently represent all the data you will need during the trial of different functionalities. The promotional viewing is active for ten days from the first activation.

The data in the EBONITETE.SI application are regularly updated. For example, data received from AJPES and FURS are updated on a daily basis.

The calculation of the payment habits is based on the invoices collected from our internal database for the past 12 months. The payment index is only an approximation of the payment discipline of the entity based on the data in the database, as it only captures the payment habits available to us and not all payments of invoices issued to the entity.

In addition to the credit application EBONITETE.SI, we also offer the possibility to order credit reports for all countries worldwide, a Certificate of Financial Reliability, custom database, and web services or API services that you can implement into your own accounting or ERP programs.

The credit application EBONITETE.SI does not exist as a mobile application. However, we can assure you that the website is 100% optimized for mobile users, allowing you to access EBONITETE.SI via mobile phones, tablets, etc.