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Preliminary Credit Rating

What is a preliminary credit rating?

A preliminary credit rating represents an individual calculation of the new credit rating of a business entity, whereby this calculation is based on new (or updated) financial statements of this entity, submitted by the interested client (usually businesses order it for themselves and for their own needs).

What is the purpose of a preliminary credit rating?

The preliminary credit rating serves the client as a preview of the new credit rating of the examined business entity (usually the client), which will be recalculated and visible in the EBONITETE.SI application* after the publication of new (or updated) financial statements on the AJPES (e.g., after the future publication of annual reports for the business year 2023).

The above means that the client can, even before submitting their final annual reports to the AJPES, assess the state reflected in their currently prepared financial statements and then, based on the findings, optimize them accordingly if necessary.

The calculation of the preliminary credit rating is also possible for sole proprietors – “standardized taxpayers” who are not required to submit their annual reports in accordance with the Companies Act (ZGD-1).

* Applies assuming that there is no deterioration in the entity’s dynamic assessment (account blockage, issues with the FURS, new court dates, worse payment index, etc.) in the meantime.

How to calculate the preliminary credit rating?

The preliminary credit rating is part of the preliminary credit report, which the client can obtain (for their own needs) for a fee from a credible credit agency, such as our Prva bonitetna agencija d.o.o..

Order a preliminary credit report and familiarize yourself with your own preliminary credit rating before officially submitting your annual report to the AJPES.

Preliminary credit rating sample 

Are you interested in knowing what the new credit rating of your company will be?


Are you applying for a tender?

Some Slovenian tenders, including various entrepreneurial funds, require consideration of our credit rating as one of the mandatory conditions for applying for their grants. 

This means that a company wishing to compete for funds or other forms of support through these tenders must have an appropriate credit rating. This rating plays a crucial role in the selection of grant recipients and ensures transparency and reliability in the selection process. 

Therefore, it is essential for companies to regularly monitor and improve their credit rating if they want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by these tenders.

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