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Who are we?

Experts for calculating the credit rating of business entities

Prva bonitetna agencija acts on the market as a credible credit rating house, which, in accordance with its mission, offers users the most advanced solutions in the field of calculating the credit rating of an entity.

In the form of our own credit rating application EBONITETE.SI, we offer our clients a unique software tool that enables a modern, accurate and user-friendly credit check, or comprehensive insight into the credit ratings of companies and all other business entities for Slovenia, the region and abroad.

“We offer our clients the unique credit rating application EBONITETE.SI, which provides comprehensive insight into the credit rating of business entities in Slovenia, the region and abroad.”

At the same time, as a credible rating agency, we strive to continuously provide reliable, up-to-date and relevant business information for effective business decision-making.

We want to put the analysis of business operations in the hands of every entrepreneur operating on the Slovenian market.

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Our vision is not just a formality that gets lost in written words. We live our vision.

Our vision is to exist on the market as a trustworthy rating agency, becoming the first and right choice of clients looking for high-quality, up-to-date and reliable business information gathered in one place.

“As part of our services, in addition to the EBONITETE.SI credit rating application, we also offer many other cooperation options. From us, you can order a credit report for SLO and foreign entities, as well as the calculation of a preliminary credit rating. We offer the best entities in Slovenia the opportunity to obtain a Certificate of Financial Reliability, and at the same time, we also provide all entities with the opportunity to obtain a larger data collection in three forms: Web service, API connection to our system, and a customized solution (database).”


Credibility – timeliness – credibility

We are aware that entities in the business environment face potential risks on a daily basis. The key values of our company are therefore pursued in our operations at every moment. We strive for accuracy and regular updating of financial and other data, with the help of which our clients quickly, reliably and critically assess the level of risk with an existing or potential business partner.


Our management’s concern with reducing risks in the business environment was high even before we officially entered the market as Prva bonitetna agencija.

We were motivated to develop a credit rating application by the need to reduce the credit risk of our sister company, Prva finančna agencija, which primarily deals with financing companies and offers a number of financial services, including the purchase of receivables and factoring.

In 2013, our company Prva bonitetna agency became an organized credit rating agency. In the same year, we launched the unique and user-friendly credit rating application EBONITETE.SI. Colloquially referred to as the Treasury of Business Information, the credit rating application truly illustrates the power of data that is trustworthy, up-to-date and credible and presented in one place, making the user experience even better.

The development of our unique credit rating application EBONITETE.SI is based on the development of our own methodology for calculating credit ratings of business entities. The essence of our methodology is that it successfully combines the static and dynamic assessment into a comprehensive joint credit rating, which also gives less financially skilled users an intelligible assessment of the risk of doing business with the selected business entity.

Primož Potočnik, Chief operating officer, COO

Regarding the methodology for the final (critical) determination of the credit rating, the operational director Primož Potočnik said:

“One of the fundamental characteristics of any serious credit rating agency is the constant assessment and validation of the model on the basis of which it determines the credit ratings, as also stipulated by the Basel II regulation. Based on many years of experience and continuous testing of the model for determining the credit rating of business entities for previous years, if necessary of course, we are upgrading our business entity assessment model. This is especially true in the event of the emergence of a new source or a new segment of data on business entities, the inclusion of which we believe could further improve our assessment model.”

Chief business officer (CBO) Erika Prijatelj said about taking care of companies’ liquidity and checking the operations of existing and potential business partners:

“Liquidity is key not only for the stability of the company, but also for the dynamism of the business. It is therefore essential that business partners, both potential and existing, are thoroughly vetted. It is important to be aware that the deal is not completed with the signing of the contract, but when all obligations, including payments, have been fulfilled. Choosing and monitoring reliable and financially stable partners means protecting your own company from business risks, as well as maintaining continuity and success in the business environment.”

Erika Prijatelj, chief business oficer, CBO