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Customized connection and retrieval of data from our databases

As part of our services, we also offer custom solutions. We have a wide range of data available, and it is possible to order databases from us, which you can then use for various purposes:

Target audience analysis

Finding potential business partners

Executing marketing campaigns

Extracting all subjects from a specific industry

Reviewing subjects based on other selected parameters

The price of this type of service is based on the amount of data included in the final output.

Based on your desires and needs, coordinate all parameters with our commercial department to make the final selection of your subjects as optimal and useful as possible. We will prepare this for you as quickly as possible and deliver it in the desired format (Excel, etc.).

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Are you applying for a tender?

Some Slovenian tenders, including various entrepreneurial funds, require consideration of our credit rating as one of the mandatory conditions for applying for their grants. 

This means that a company wishing to compete for funds or other forms of support through these tenders must have an appropriate credit rating. This rating plays a crucial role in the selection of grant recipients and ensures transparency and reliability in the selection process. 

Therefore, it is essential for companies to regularly monitor and improve their credit rating if they want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by these tenders.

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