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What does the credit rating application EBONITETE.SI represent?

The credit rating application EBONITETE.SI represents a versatile and indispensable tool in the business environment. It is the most advanced application designed to review all Slovenian business entities.

Users of the application can obtain in one place:


Accounting, and

Other financial data about the selected entity.

User-friendly Credit Rating Application

Information technology is now advanced, precise, and above all, efficient. With its use, data acquisition processes are fast and user-friendly. The credit rating application EBONITETE.SI is also fast, efficient, and user-friendly, providing complete support for many business decisions.

The most important advantages of the EBONITETE.SI application:

evaluates partner risks (check the creditworthiness of a company, its ownership structure, business connections down to the level of an individual, and many other important pieces of information anytime, anywhere);

daily informant for company monitoring (stay daily informed about all changes in the operations of your existing or potential business partner);

improve liquidity (your cash flow and liquidity depend on the payment ability of your customers, so regularly check their payment habits and any claims filed in insolvency proceedings by other companies).

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Who is the credit rating application EBONITETE.SI intended for?

To all business entities

The credit rating application provides access to all business information in one place. It is intended for all entities that, due to the nature of their work, require access to accurate financial and business data.

Business professionals

It is an indispensable tool for checking the creditworthiness of business partners, serving excellently directors, entrepreneurs, accountants, financiers, marketers, and all other professionals.

For new business partners

By using the application, the risk of doing business with a particular business partner is reduced since you can discreetly, quickly, and accurately verify their business even before entering into a new deal.

Finding New Business Partners with the EBONITETE.SI Application

The EBONTIETE.SI application boasts a simple and advanced search engine, allowing for quickly obtaining a specific list of business entities, which you can filter according to activity, (cohesion) region, business entity status, etc., as desired.

With the help of the advanced search engine, finding new business partners is quick and easy, and the selected data can be used for further marketing activities.

Taking care of your own creditworthiness is crucial

Checking the creditworthiness and monitoring of a business partner are essential tasks if you want to reduce the risk of your own business. In this regard, taking care of your own good credit rating is crucial, as just as you check your business partner, your business partner also checks the creditworthiness of your company.

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Are you applying for a tender?

Some Slovenian tenders, including various entrepreneurial funds, require consideration of our credit rating as one of the mandatory conditions for applying for their grants. 

This means that a company wishing to compete for funds or other forms of support through these tenders must have an appropriate credit rating. This rating plays a crucial role in the selection of grant recipients and ensures transparency and reliability in the selection process. 

Therefore, it is essential for companies to regularly monitor and improve their credit rating if they want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by these tenders.

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