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Video surveillance

In accordance with the third paragraph of Article 76 of the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 163/2022; ZVOP-2), we hereby inform you that the company Prva Finančna Agencija d.o.o., Branch Limbuš, based on a decision dated February 1, 2009, implements video surveillance for the purpose of ensuring the safety of people and property. Video surveillance is conducted over the parking lots of the business building, all entrances to the business building, and the hallways of the business building.


The company Prva Finančna Agencija d.o.o., as the owner of the business premises of the business building at Limbuška cesta 2, 2341 Limbuš, engages in financial services activities. Consequently, due to the nature of the business, there is a risk of endangering employees by customers, as well as an increased risk of unlawful entry (break-in) into the company’s premises. Based on this risk assessment, there is a legitimate reason for conducting video surveillance of the business building. Given the nature of the activity, it is assessed that the purpose cannot be achieved by using milder means.

  1. Operator of the video surveillance system and contact details of the operator:

Prva Finančna Agencija d.o.o., Branch Limbuš, Limbuška c. 2, 2341 Limbuš

Contact details: Tel. No. 08/200-37 30, email: info@prvafina.si

Website: www.prvafina.si

Responsible person: Director or a person authorized by the director

  1. Legal basis for conducting video surveillance

Prva Finančna Agencija d.o.o. processes personal data obtained through video surveillance based on the ZVOP-2 for the purposes of safeguarding individuals and property. Personal data is processed only within the framework of lawful legal bases and selected purposes, and we ensure that we will not disclose, lend, or sell them to third parties without appropriate legal basis or prior notice and your consent. Prva Finančna Agencija d.o.o. does not transfer or transmit personal data to countries outside the EEA/EU.

  1. Information regarding the implementation of video surveillance

Video surveillance is conducted in areas where necessary in accordance with the purpose of video surveillance, namely over the parking lots of the business building, all entrances to the business building, and the hallways of the business building. Office spaces and other work areas are not under video surveillance.

The collection of video surveillance recordings includes footage of individuals (image), location of the recording, date and time of the recording, entry and exit times, or movement in the monitored area. Video surveillance recordings are stored exclusively on recording devices located at the surveillance system operator’s premises. Recordings are kept for a maximum of six months after creation, after which they are automatically deleted.

Access to the collection of personal data processed through video surveillance is available to the company director and persons authorized by the director. Your personal data may also be disclosed to third parties (e.g., competent state authorities) if such a legal obligation to disclose is imposed on us by law. All accesses to data and recordings are logged in the Record of Video Surveillance System Use form.

  1. Information about individuals’ rights regarding personal data processing

Individuals have the right to be informed (notice that video surveillance is being conducted is displayed prominently), access data (view the recording), restrict processing, and object. Individuals can exercise their data protection rights by submitting a written request to Prva Finančna Agencija d.o.o., Limbuška c. 2, 2341 Limbuš, or by email to: info@prvafina.si.


  1. Users of personal data

Categories of users of personal data: web hosting service providers, marketing tool providers

Users with whom the controller has appropriate data processing agreements process personal data solely according to the instructions and under the control of the controller.

  1. Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

An individual whose personal data are processed has the right to lodge a complaint with the following authority: Information Commissioner, Dunajska c. 22, 1000 Ljubljana, email: gp.ip@ip-rs.si.