Why choose EBONITETE.SI?

Its ease of use, its readability and reliability are the prominent features of EBONITETE.SI.

For each company EBONITETE.SI offers you a unique credit rating that is updated daily. It consist of the evaluation of the static financial data of the company (data from the financial reports) as well as of a dynamic evaluation of certain variables (e.g. blockades of the company’s bank accounts, payment habits of the company, court actions against the company, etc.). It helps you to get an immediate overview of the company’s financial situation.

What is more, you will also find in one place all the necessary in-depth information (answers) you need when assessing any given company, for example:

  • How successfully is the company doing business?
  • How successfully does the company manage its claims, stock and obligations?
  • Who is representing the company?
  • Is the company solvent?
  • Is the company insolvent with regard to the legal presumptions set out by the Slovenian insolvency act?
  • What is the level of indebtedness of the company?
  • Does the company have an open bank account?
  • Is the company’s bank account blocked and if so for how long?
  • Does the company owe taxes to the Slovenian tax administration?
  • Has the company in insolvency proceedings lodged claims against his insolvent debtors (business partners) and what is the sum of those claims (potential loss)?
  • How is the company’s ownership linked with other legal and natural persons?

You will also get a daily report about the companies you choose to monitor. You will be informed about e.g.:

  • changes in the company’s data in the court register,
  • changes in the representation of the company,
  • opening/closing of the company’s bank accounts,
  • blockades/deblockades of the company’s bank accounts,
  • onset of the presumptions according to the Slovenian insolvency act that the company is insolvent,
  • insolvency proceedings or compulsory liquidation proceedings for the company,
  • court hearings in the cases to which the company is a party,
  • company’s wire transfers into tax havens,
  • non-payment of taxes to the Slovenian tax administration by the company,
  • waiver of the VAT ID number of the company,
  • the change of the company’s credit rating.

Upon your request we can also prepare for you an in-depth credit rating report for a company of your choice. The credit rating report consists of key information, which gives you a comprehensive overview about the financial health and credit rating for the company of your choice.