EBONITETE.SI in a state-of-the-art web application that allows you to effectively assess the financial health of more than 200.000 Slovenian business (legal) entities.

With this unique web product you can quickly perform a credit evaluation of your customers, suppliers and vendors, trading counterparties and investments. What is more you can access other relevant information regarding your business and its opportunities in the Slovenian market (e.g. competition, potential partners, structure of the market, etc.).

By using EBONITETE.SI you are significantly minimizing the risks you take when doing business with your Slovenian partners. You will find in the same place general information about a chosen company as well as an in-depth analysis of its financial data.

All information in one place.
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Lodgement of claims in insolv.
Tax havens
The profile of the company
Bank accounts
We monitor the lodgement of claims in insolvency proceedings as well as the statements made by the administrator on lodged claims. With this information at hand you can easily assess the risk when doing business with companies that have a large portfolio of lodged claims. Furthermore you can assess the quality of assets (claims) of your business partners and the reality about the company’s income and cash flow.
With our application you can monitor if insolvency proceedings were initiated against your business partner and learn about the characteristics and specialties of this procedure. It is of utmost importance that you learn about the insolvency proceedings in time, so you can lodge your claims in due time. Afterwards you can also monitor the course and outcome of the proceedings.
We discovered that in the last year alone 288 Slovenian legal entities transferred over 246 million EUR into tax havens. With our application you can monitor if your business partner transferred money into tax havens, the amounts and the dates of the transfers as well as the recipients so these transfers.
Under this tab you will find all general information about the company, information about its shareholders/partners, its representatives, its members of the supervisory body and about its stakes in other legal entities. You are also able to get an overview of the integral ownership group to which the company belongs. What is more you can also see historical changes in the above mentioned data.
You will find information about all Slovenian bank accounts belonging to a business entity, open and closed. You will get a graphical and analytical overview of blocked bank accounts. Analysis has shown that even marginal blockades of bank accounts can indicate the presence of a more serious underlying problem.
The application offers expanded financial data about operations of business entities, from the current balance sheet data to more advanced financial indicators and models. By comparing this data over past years a trend is calculated and graphically represented. If a company requires a statutory audit, the auditor’s report and his potential reservations are presented in a summarized fashion.
With our application you can monitor all mergers of acquisition. On this basis you can get an overview about the origin of assets, movement of assets and the actual owners/shareholders before the merger. Also possible merger of acquisition chains are represented graphically.
For each company the application offers you a unique credit rating that is updated daily. It consist of the evaluation of the static financial data of the company (data from the financial reports) as well as of a dynamic evaluation of certain variables (e.g. blockades of the company’s bank accounts, payment habits of the company, court actions against the company, etc.). It helps you to get an immediate overview of the company’s financial situation, even during live negotiations with you potential business partner. Because of the use of carefully chosen financial indicators and models we can detect with a probability of up to 85% the onset of insolvency.
We offer you an overview of all civil trials in which Slovenian business entities are involved, either as plaintiffs or defendants, with a brief description of the case, its value, the date of trial, the competent court, etc.
Generate your own portfolio of companies, which you would like to monitor. We will send you a daily report via e-mail in case any key changes happen regarding the status of these companies.
Mergers by acquisition
Credit ratings
Court trails
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